The first step if you’re not sure how to change your life

I don’t know what to do with my life

Do you feel the same way?

It’s the running theme with the people I’ve coached.

With some of my closest friends.

Or on the internet in general.

We’re really not sure what to do with our lives.

And frankly, that sucks.

To be dreamless, goalless, or mission-less is one of the most soul-crushing feelings a human can experience.

We want to be happy. To find that raison d’etre. To live like we’re dying. And we want to through our work. And eventually, get paid for it too.

So where do we start? And how do we take control?

Well, start by leaning wholeheartedly into the thing you love.

Leaning into your love

For example, one of my best friends had a love for music since we were teenagers. He couldn’t sing/rap for shit but his passion was undeniable.

He learned to create beats on his own. Then went to university to study audio engineering.

But straight out of school, he found the industry hard to penetrate, so he took on a 9–5, still dabbling in music on the side.

After spending years doing a copywriting job he realized how much the job was sapping away energy from his mission. His purpose.

He knew to take his life to the next level, he had to lean into his love.

So he left the job behind to throw all of his passion into his purpose.

He’s been able to feed himself and his family ever since. And have a great time doing it.

The first step?: Follow the trail

Well, Marvin. I don’t know what I love. I’m interested in a lot of things but I’m not sure what ‘my thing’ is.

Some of us aren’t able to find our passion as early as my friend.

Or so we think.

Our passions are there. Ingrained into us from an early age. But at some point in our lives, we reject it.

  • Maybe our parents told us about the importance of ‘getting a real job’.
  • Or kids (no excuse), a mortgage, or health issues (legit excuse) got in the way and we put our dreams on the back burner.
  • Or maybe we’ve chased the money instead of our passion/dream, which works at first, but then sucks away at your soul.

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, every day we invest some energy into what our true passions are. The answers are within us, around us, but we think it’s childish or trivial.

But follow the trail:

  • What would you cry about if your parents took it away as a child?
  • What would a younger you be ashamed that you’re not doing right now?
  • How do you spend your Saturday mornings or days off?
  • When you want some ‘me time’, what do you spend the time doing?
  • Check your browser history for the last 6 months. What blogs or YouTube videos do you spend hours on?
  • Are you on Pinterest? What boards do you follow? If you had to delete all but one, what can’t you absolutely do without?

You may be saying that’s cute an all, but I can’t make a living watching anime.

Have you tried?

Maybe the thing holding you back is you expect some sort of immediate return on your investment. Something tangible, like cash.

And frankly, that’s sad.

As a kid, you wouldn’t ask to be paid to play, would you?

So just play, without expecting an end result or exchange. Try doing something you love, for you.

And if you keep at it and let your passion shine, people can’t help but be attracted to you and eventually pay you for it.

Now it’s time to act

So if you find yourself questioning your purpose or unsure what do with your life, follow the trail.

The answer is in front of you. It’s within you. Nobody else can tell you what you already know deep down inside.

All you have to do is lean into it.

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