12 habits of successful people

The 12 Habits Of Successful People To Pick Up Today

What are the best habits of successful people?

Choose any of your favorite actors, business owners, athletes, or academics, and they will all tell you the same thing. Their success really comes down to a set of behaviors practiced over time. The habits of successful people can be learned by anyone. Often, in spurts, we may exhibit some of these very traits.

The thing is we often believe success is down to luck, or lineage. In fact, a lucky penny or a growing up with a gold spoon has little to do with it. It’s doing the right things, consistently. Pick up one of these habits of successful people and watch your life change:

1. Ignoring the Naysayers

What people say about me is none of my business. That’s the mantra that I usually roll with. Whenever you decide to pursue something, there are going to be people who speak negatively about your goals. In your face, or behind your back.

The most successful people around understand that this is a part of the game. When you’re concerned about what people think – even if those same people are your parents – you’ll probably not do the things you want to do.

Successful people stay focused and move forward. Despite what others have to say about them. And this is not something that comes easy. The first time, it stings. But if you’re strong, you’ll ignore the naysayers and keep plugging away.

2. Being ok with uncertainty

When you set out to complete a goal to be successful, you can only see the step right in front of you. You’re unsure about how it’s going to turn out. You might fail. Or you might succeed far beyond your dreams. It’s that uncertainty that makes you abandon your dreams. It’s your ego that wants a guarantee that what you try will succeed.

Successful people build the habit of taking on that uncertainty head-on. They understand that nothing is guaranteed. That every failure is a test and a lesson. And they build this habit through multiple trials and failures.

To build that habit, you have to embrace the excitement of uncertainty instead of the anxiety of losing. Keep working despite not knowing the real end result.

3. Thinking, waiting, fasting

In the book, Siddhartha, he had no conventional skills. But there were three things he could do; he could think, he could wait, and he could fast. While others thought these skills to be trivial, he was able to use them to become very wealthy. When Siddhartha did lose these gifts, his life eventually fell apart.

These are three habits of successful people when used in conjunction, will provide you with all you need, and more.

Spend time doing mindful thinking. James Altucher writes 10 ideas down a day. And if he can’t do 10, then he does 20. Train your idea muscle by writing down 10 or more ideas a day. Other ways to improve your thinking include solving complex problems, crossword puzzles, or Rubix cubes. Your critical thinking muscle will help you when you least expect it.

Waiting encompasses having delayed gratification. If you can keep grinding while holding off on making big moves, or purchases, you’ll be better off in the long run. Waiting also means the person who tells you “No” today, could tell you “Yes” years from now.

Fasting does not only mean abstaining from food. It also means doing more with significantly less. Most entrepreneurs go through periods where they lose money, opportunities, or their business. By practicing fasting, they do not feel the effects as much and can continue working or building something better.

Practice thinking, waiting and fasting in whatever you do.

4. Funneling your energy into what matters

It’s so easy to get bogged down in busywork. Soon your energy becomes depleted doing tasks that do not move the needle. Successful people understand where their time and energy goes and constantly assesses them.

Then, they funnel their energy into high ticket actions, into the 20% that brings an 80% return. Never satisfied with where their energy goes, successful people build the habit of checking their tasks and goals weekly, monthly and yearly to see how they can better optimize their energy.

Unsuccessful people do whatever is asked of them, diverting their energy so nothing gets done in the end. Successful people do what matters most. Which one will you choose?

5. “Protecting The Asset”

There is one important asset that takes priority over all others. That asset is YOU. It’s impossible to be successful if you have poor health. If your energy is low, you can’t be effective. And if you’re not constantly learning, your brain also becomes useless.

Before anything else, successful people “protect the asset.” Tom Brady, for instance, has totally changed the way he eats, removing all processed foods and even nightshade vegetables. This has allowed him to perform at a high level well past the usual age limit of Quarterbacks.

Successful people invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars per month on the right foods, sleep, exercise, and learning. They fix the basics. They know that the return on that investment can be 100X, 1000X, or even 100,000X.

Make sure you’re not hedging on buying organic food, paying for a trainer, buying supplements, or investing in courses. You are worth it.

6. Moving in Silence

One of the critical habits of successful people is keeping quiet.

Real gangstas move in silence — KRS-One

Successful people are too busy working on their craft, business, or goal. They’re improving in the background and not proclaiming their awesomeness. They show up with results. The premature attention clouds their judgment and inflates their ego. So successful people know to talk less and do more.

Set your goals, go about crushing them, then show off to the world.

7. Unplugging

Despite the high performance of successful men and women, there is a serious focus on rest, recovery, and unplugging. For instance, LeBron James sleeps for 8-10 hours a day. Bill Gates takes sabbaticals to just read and reflect.

Going at 100 miles every day means you’ll crash eventually. And you can only be effective when you’re full of energy, health and of sound mind. And that means carving out time for quality unplugging.

In moments of rest is where the growth happens. It’s where the ideas come flooding and it’s where inspiration strikes. Successful people take their rest seriously and so should you.

8. Experimenting

Tim Ferris is known to reject the idea of a 5 or 10-year plan. Instead, he encourages people to focus on 3-6 month experiments. That way, you can be flexible and maximize any new opportunities.

Creating some small experiments can set you up for the next stage of success in your life. By testing different strategies and techniques over 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months, you can really live a kick-ass life!

9. Documenting Your Life

Journaling is one of the most important habits of successful people. Why? Because journaling helps you unpack, organize, to chronicle the vast data storage that is your mind.

Journaling helps successful people connect the dots and solve the pressing issues preventing them from going forward. Documenting your life opens up clues, and leaves a great resource for your loved ones to model when you pass on.

Journaling is a great habit to train you to write, be consistent, be clear with your thoughts, and generate ideas, opportunities, and even income. Take time off to each day to journal your successes, your misses, and lessons.

10. Learning Something New Daily

If your day did not end with you being a little smarter than the day before, you’ve missed out on a great opportunity. Successful people make sure there’s a takeaway from every day.

Both successes and failure come with information that you can use in your next task, goal or venture.

11. Accounting For Your Time

Do you write long To-Do lists and often get only one or two things done? Successful people know tracking their time is even more important than tracking their tasks.

By accounting for where the time goes each day, and how long each task generally takes, successful people maximize the effectiveness of their day by applying the right time to the right things.

Additionally, finding time leaks each day or week is a critical habit of successful people. If you know what distracts you and what’s busy work, you can eliminate the tasks that don’t move the needle.

Take your time more seriously than your tasks. Manage your time the right way and success will come.

12. Putting Fear In Its Place

A common misconception is that successful people are fearless, and tackle each challenge with reckless abandon. But this is far from the truth.

High performing athletes, entrepreneurs and CEOs deal with fear each day. Often it prevents them from making even bigger strides and taking bigger risks. But what they have built a habit of is acknowledging their fear, but putting it in its place.

By checking in with their feelings and assessing the source of the fear, successful people can move effectively through their goals and dreams knowing the worst-case scenario won’t destroy them.

Are you confusing your comfort zone with your safety zone?

How Can I become highly Successful?

To become successful requires the right habits, the right environment, and consistency. Try some of these habits and get in a space with other high-performing, successful people in your field. Once you get consistent, with an amazing environment that encourages growth, you’ll take off.

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