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About Marv

How could we live the life we want to live?

How can we help others, especially those important to us, to do the same?

Through self leadership, taking personal responsibility for who we are, what we do and why we do it, we can live better, lead better, earn better, and love better.

I’m Marvin Marcano. I’m a blogger, Content Writer at Ascend Content, and coach.  My work is mainly on Medium.com, where I reach about 10,000 readers per month. On this blog, you’ll find actionable steps on:

  1. Leadership: After leading large teams over the years, I share the tips you need to lead.
  2. Personal Development: Learn to level up and live better.
  3. Goal Setting: Learn how to make and track your life goals.
  4. Side Hustles: Take all your eggs out of one basket.

Whether you’re looking to start something new, earn more, learn more or lead better, my goal is to leave you with as much insight as possible. Feel free to connect below. I’ll be happy to send you the goods from time to time. 

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