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I’m Marvin

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I’m a coach, freelance writer, and blogger. Like me, you’re on a journey to find and do work you love. 

To discover your passion. 

To be financially in control, and have a balanced life. 

You seriously fear wasting your time as you’re not sure where to start.

Sometimes it even feels like a passionate, balanced life is only for the rich.

My goal is to help you get a clear mission, manage all the facets of your life and eliminate toxic behaviors so you can live the life you deserve.

Here’s some of the things you can take away from this space:

  • Personal Development Content: Find tips and insight you can apply to your life immediately.
  • Leadership: As a previous manager, I know the importance of leadership in work and life. Learn how to lead better in every area.
  • Get Your Shit Together: If you have no idea what to do with your life, or things have fallen apart and you’re not sure where to start, I got you.

To start, I have a helpful workbook to help you set clear goals. Download it and work through the questions for amazing clarity.

Or you can skip the workbook and feel free to join my newsletter. Each week I’ll send you content from my personal blog or my growing readership on Medium.

Finally, if you require hands-on coaching, feel free to look into my Coaching services, here.

Here’s some feedback from one of my previous clients:

Marvin gave me the tools to explore and delve deeper into...me.  He digs in his easygoing, non-judgemental manner, and what he has uncovered has been golden...for me. I'm already firmer in making decisions because of his coaching and mentorship.

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Communications Specialist

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If you’re ready to take a journey of self discovery, find your passion, and add value to your life and those you love, stick around.

Let’s encourage and inspire each other!

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